With Alelion you get more than a battery

We are there for you every step of the way – enabling your transition to sustainable energy.

Alelion Power House

The whole package

Alelion has solid in-house expertise in all aspects of the electrification process, from cell chemistry to integration, training and service. This allows us to go beyond the role as a provider and act as a long-term power partner in your transition.

Alelion will help you assess your needs before designing a turnkey energy storage system. We source battery cells and build them into cell modules and battery packages designed with the right capacity, performance and physical properties tailored to your requirements and integrated into your environment.


  • R&D, purchase and production
  • Ready to use or development projects
  • From prototype to serial production
  • Cell test facility and certifications
  • Sales, service and mech training
White Papers

Share our knowledge

Dive into a series of fresh Alelion White Papers:

No 1: Understanding battery life time factors through accumulated data.

No 2: Understanding how to use the right battery cell chemistry.

No 3: Circular economy – Understanding the big picture.

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Challenge the possible

Do your vehicles operate in tough conditions? Whether you are grappling with extreme climate conditions, limited space, moisture, weight restrictions, usability or something else, our expertise and experience is at your service.

Within days we can provide reliable specifications by simulating the required features in our unique simulation environment. Challenge us to challenge the possible.




Get flexible solutions

Once your customers have experienced the benefits of electrification, demand will likely increase and you need to shorten the time to market for new applications.

The answer is modularity. Our modular systems come with several advantages:  flexible adaptions to new applications, easy scale up-scale down and shorter lead times.


Boost battery performance

Connected batteries providing real time data allow us to quickly gain insights that help us improve both your battery and your user patterns.

We evaluate and develop products, and train users so that you get exactly what you signed up for. A battery performance at its best.


Feel fully confident

Alelion batteries are successfully tested and approved according to ECE R100, EN 1175: 2020 and IEC 62 619: 2017. Expect robust products for industrial use in tough conditions.

Vibrations ● Acceleration ● Crushing ● Thermal stress ● Short circuit protection ● Operation at maximum temperature ● Internal security, overload and overcharge ● Electrical safety compliance

Second life

Make business circular

We want to give you customer value, over and over again.

Imagine a second and maybe third life market for your batteries, used in a less demanding driving pattern or serving as a huge stationary power bank. The potential is significant from both a circular perspective and a financial perspective.

Once at the end of their life span, batteries can be recycled up to 94 percent.

Alelion Academy

Level up your skills

Alelion trained service technicians are present all over the world, ready to apply their expert skills to service and maintain li-ion batteries.


Our training concept is easy and hands-on. Three educational levels ensure that you learn exactly what you need for your job and role.


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