Alelion Power Academy

Alelion’s trained service technicians are present all over the world, ready to apply their expert skills and knowledge to service and maintain our lithium-ion batteries safely and efficiently.

Special care must be taken when performing repairs on a lithium-ion battery, since a malfunctioning battery still may produce power. Safety is therefore the primary focus of our training courses.

Training concept

Learn how to care for your batteries with our training program.

Knowledge Arena

Alelion Knowledge Arena is our web-based platform for sharing know-how and instructions related to our batteries.

The power to care for your battery

Our training concept is easy and straightforward. We want to give you the power to take care of your own lithium-ion batteries to the maximum extent possible. Our educational levels ensure that you learn exactly what you need for your job and role.

When you participate in our training courses, you learn how to handle the battery safely – and if you encounter a problem after the course, you will know what to do – and why.

Training Levels

Level 1 – Certified to troubleshoot and perform external repairs of Alelion Li-Ion batteries.

Level 2 – Certified to troubleshoot and perform internal repairs of Alelion Li-Ion batteries.

Level 3 – Certified to be a trainer for Level 1 and Level 2.


Service training for 24V-700V


Material Handling batteries

24V – 80V

We offer you customized service training for the type of batteries you have. Training can be provided for both Material Handling batteries and Special Vehicle batteries.

Due to the high voltage of the batteries, in particular the special vehicle batteries, the safety aspects are paramount in training. Any mistake could lead to serious consequences.

Special Vehicle batteries

80V – 700V

Alelion Knowledge Arena

Alelion Knowledge Arena is our web-based training platform, where you will find instant knowledge when you need it.

Our popular troubleshooting guide shows you how to easily identify your battery problem and how to replace spare parts in a safe and structured manner. It contains everything you need to ensure that your battery is kept operational and in good condition for the duration of its lifespan, with maximum uptime.

The information you need depending on your role and level of training is easily accessible.

We keep it simple – to keep you empowered.

1. Safety

2. Troubleshooting

3. Repairs

4. Uptime