Who are we?

Alelion is a lithium-ion technology solution provider and manufacturer of battery systems. Alelion makes its clients succeed with their electrification of industrial vehicles and transformation to a more sustainable use of energy. With powerful solutions, automated production and an empowering approach, Alelion constantly strives forward, for a better tomorrow.

Alelion is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden, and listed at Nasdaq First North Growth Market. Alelion has and gives the power to change.

Power To Change

Since its inception in 2006, Alelion has progressed from a pioneering role in lithium-ion technology to its current position as an established developer, manufacturer and supplier of advanced battery systems. The customized solutions are delivered to the increasingly electrified automotive industry.

Alelion started off as a developer and global supplier of battery systems for material handling applications, mainly industrial trucks of various sizes. Drawing on this experience, Alelion is now leading the effort to adapt the novel technologies of cell chemistry and control systems to a wider range of industries, applications and environments. The company has gradually shifted its focus towards the rapidly growing segment of heavier industrial special vehicles operating with higher voltages (400-800V).

Incidentally, Alelion started its journey the same year that Tesla Motors made known its intention to challenge the hydrocarbon economy’s hegemony with high-performance electric vehicles; since then, the electrification of mobility across industries has virtually exploded, gradually making its entry even into the heavier-duty segments.

The primary drivers of this development are three-fold: the necessity to address emissions and climate change, attractive cost and energy efficiency, and the significant progress made in electric motors, powertrains and battery technologies in recent years; the transition to lithium-ion and electric power further improves noise levels and working conditions significantly. All in all, we call it the power to change.


Empowering new customers and industries

In 2018, two new manufacturing customers were brought in, both within the expanded segment for industrial vehicles operating at airports and in ports. The more demanding system requirements and higher voltages (over 400V, up to 700V) compared with trucks in material handling further extended Alelion’s product portfolio. Demand in this industry has increased, and in 2019, new agreements were signed with the Finnish group Cargotec Oy and with Swedish Huddig AB.

Alelion’s products are continuously developed based on available technology and customer requirements, and improved upon based on past experience. Today’s products are based on the third generation of both design and software.

New modern battery factory enables the entire value chain

In 2018, Alelion decided to build Sweden’s first factory for large-scale production of lithium-ion batteries for industrial vehicles. The factory is located in Torslanda at Hisingen in Gothenburg.

In the new state-of-the-art facility, Alelion manufactures complete lithium-ion batteries. Battery systems are tailored and optimized to the energy and power requirements of each customer by combining purchased sells of different types and from different suppliers into a wide variety of cell modules through a highly automated process.

The batteries are largely software systems that communicate with the vehicles but also open up to communicate with other systems. Software is a key competence within the company, and the development of an in-house “ Battery Management System” (BMS) as well as proprietary electronics are critical components.

Enabling a Sustainable Use of Energy

The vision of enabling sustainable use of energy and thereby contributing to a better world is what drives the company forward. Allowing and enabling smart energy management where the battery systems are available for wider use is a future area that Alelion is passionate about and explores as well.

In 2018, Alelion acquired a German company that was successful in this area in the private market, looking to transfer this knowledge and technology to the vehicle batteries. Several innovative projects were conducted, but as these services were considered too far ahead of market implementation, the company decided to concentrate its efforts on battery system development in autumn 2019.

Our Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

Alelion is certified according to the quality and environment standards, ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015.

This means that our processes to minimize our negative environmental impact are developed and complied with, and that we ensure that we comply with the laws and requirements that exist for our operations from an environmental perspective. We do this by continuously improving and developing our company and our processes. This also strengthens the opportunities for Alelion’s customers to achieve positive environmental impact and reduced costs.

Our Policies

Quality Policy

Alelion’s qualified, motivated staff will develop and supply intelligent and robust energy storage systems that satisfy customer demands and expectations.

Environmental Policy

Alelion’s qualified, motivated staff will develop and supply intelligent and robust energy storage systems that are compatible with sustainable development, to ensure that we, and generations to come, have a satisfactory environment.

Code of Conduct

The Alelion code of conduct helps to maintain the clear values and principles to which we commit ourselves and also with regard to customers, business partners, suppliers, society, politics, officials, and our shareholders. Our credibility is based on the code. It sustainably shapes our good name and use of our products and therefore also our financial success.