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We partner with leading global brands to electrify off highway vehicles, ready to operate in rough conditions and with minimal environmental impact. More than 5 000 applications in 60 countries are already in use.


Modular battery design

Flexible design and measurements

High performance systems, 90-700 V

Standard or customized modules


Optimized usage

BMS ensures safety and durability

Robust stand-alone solutions

Redundancy secures uptime



Proven quality

+ 5 000 li-ion batteries in the market

In-house R&D and cell test lab

Certified according to ECE R100


Accurate support & service

Knowledge built on experience

Well organized support concept

Trained technicians in 60 countries

Ready to use within months

Switching to an electric driveline does not have to be that complicated.

With Alelion’s modular off the shelf products you will be ready to electrify your vehicles within a few months.

A customized solution, including pre-study, development, prototype testing and evaluation takes about 10 to 18 months until serial production.


Wide product range

90 – 120 V
15 – 240 kWh


300 – 400 V
45 – 200 kWh



600 – 700 V
50 – 225 kWh



The details



  • 90 V – 700 V
  • 15 kWh – 240 kWh
  • High energy density
  • Modular
  • Robust
  • Redundant
  • Stand alone

Battery Management System

  • Adjustable settings
  • Auto power off
  • Cell balancing
  • Controlled charging
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Communications interface to vehicles (J1939)

ECE R100 approved

Successfully tested for

  • Vibrations
  • Acceleration
  • Crushing
  • Thermal stress
  • Short circuit protection
  • Operation at maximum temperature
  • Internal security, overload and overcharge
  • Electrical safety compliance


  • Port material handling vehicles
  • Airport logistics vehicles
  • Electric power take-offs for cranes and other load-handling equipment
  • Warehouse logistics trucks
  • Construction machinery
  • Mining machinery
  • Agricultural machinery

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Your questions answered

Do you offer batteries that directly fit our application?

We have batteries for several different applications and can recommend the solution that is best suited for your vehicle and your driving cycle.

Are Alelion’s battery systems equipped with climate control?

Alelion’s 700 V systems have liquid climate control, the 400 V systems have electric heating and some of the 90-120 V systems have combined electric heating and liquid climate control.

Our vehicle requires more than 99 kWh. Is this possible?

We solve this by connecting several batteries that work together in a modular system.

We need to operate 24/7. Do you have a solution?

With the right driving cycle and routines for charging, you can easily operate the vehicle around the clock. We help you optimize the driving cycle to get the maximum capacity from the battery system.

Do you have experience with hybrid solutions?

We can offer two types of hybrid solutions. We build solutions that combine a diesel engine and battery in one system and a variant that has two separate systems where a diesel engine drives the vehicle, while all other functionality is electrified.

We are interested in a fuel cell solution. Can you help us?

We have carried out several projects where the fuel cell is combined with a battery that stores the produced electricity and at the same time drives the vehicle.

Why do the batteries have different voltages?

Higher voltage, 600-700 V, suitable for most types of special vehicles over 10 tons.

Medium voltage, 300-400 V, suitable for construction machines, vehicles for ground support at airports and heavier trucks.

Lower voltage, 100 V or lower, fits superstructures on trucks, smaller construction machines and trucks.

Can you drive on public roads with your solutions?

It is possible to drive on public roads after the correct certification of the vehicle.

Which certifications apply to Alelion’s batteries?

Our products are certified according to

  • EN 1175: 2020, a standard that regulates electrical safety requirements
  • IEC 62 619: 2017, a test standard for industrial batteries
  • UN ECE R100, R10, a test standard for third-party certification

Do you use prismatic or cylindrical cells?

We follow the development of cells in order to be able to choose the most optimal cell for our customers at any given time.

Do you use LFP or NMC cells?

Alelion currently works with NMC / NCA chemistry due to the performance requirements that apply in the industrial applications that are our main market.

Do you produce your own cells?

We choose the right cell for your application and purchase the cells from leading manufacturers in larger volumes, which provides customer benefits.

How long is the charging time?

The battery is fit both for fast charging and charging during longer stops. We help you find an optimal charging routine, adapted to the vehicle’s driving cycle.

Do you sell battery chargers?

We work with several manufacturers of chargers and can therefore find the right solution in dialogue with you.

How much maintenance does the battery require?

In our training sessions, you will learn how to handle the battery in the best way. The need for maintenance is minimal, but should the battery require a greater effort, we will help you within 24 hours.

How long does the battery last?

Battery life is affected by how challenging the vehicle’s operating environment is. We are happy to help calculate the battery’s expected life in relation to your driving cycle and operating environment.

How are the batteries recycled?

Alelion’s batteries are designed for recycling with a recycling rate of 94 percent. We know the regulations and are happy to help when the battery has served its life.

Do you offer second life solutions

We work to maximize your investment over time. It is good for both the wallet and the environment. Together we find alternatives for continued use of the battery in less demanding applications.

How long is the delivery time?

We can deliver a standard product within 12 weeks. A major development project for a new application takes between 10 and 18 months until delivery.

Can you adjust your standard batteries?

Yes, our standard batteries are delivered complete with software and are ready for use in the vehicles they are intended for.

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