June 15, 2022

Alelion strengthens team by recruiting a CTO – a key role in order to develop and broaden the offer

Alelion develops and produces high-voltage battery solutions for heavy-duty vehicles, which operate in ports, airports, construction sites, and similarly demanding operating environments.

Alelion’s core product is lithium-ion batteries, with a proprietary BMS (Battery Management System) that manages safety aspects and controls parameters affecting the lifespan. In addition, this software stands to be one of the key elements in the development going forward.

Today, only about two percent of the off-highway vehicle fleet is electrified per year, but demand is expected to rise sharply, and new needs will emerge as the proportion of electrified vehicles increases.

– In previous generations, our customers electrified their vehicles on the same platform used for fossil fuel operation; now, we see a readiness to adapt the entire vehicle all from the outset. Moreover, we anticipate customers’ vehicles to be components of a future infrastructure, where there will be growing pressure to optimize in terms of both energy consumption and energy storage,” says Åsa Nordström, CEO of Alelion.

– The recruitment of Henrik Svala as CEO represents an essential element of Alelion’s effort to develop our offering. Part of this effort is the construction of a Center of Excellence, including a cell-testing facility. We want to offer expertise throughout the value chain, pushing progress within our selected segment.

Henrik Svala comes from a position as Head of Development at Alten, bringing many years’ experience of technical development projects across a range of customer segments, not least the automotive.

– Alelion can develop a platform that meets the demands of more customer segments and at the same time streamline production and cut lead times. We will also be able to diversify our range of the complementary services that customers are seeking, says Henrik Svala.

– Alelion is in the midst of a strong phase of development, which attracts me to rise to the challenge and contribute to unlocking the potential, in terms of technology as well as commercialization.

Henrik Svala will take up position as CTO at Alelion in early August.

For further information, please contact:
Åsa Nordström, CEO, Alelion Energy Systems AB
+4670 290 18 58