August 15, 2023

Alelion acquires cloud-based platform for analysing battery data

Alelion has acquired the cloud-based platform developed by the company Nortical. The platform aims to collect and analyse battery data for further analysis and recommendation on battery life and optimised energy use.

Nortical, which filed for bankruptcy earlier this year, has spent years developing a tool for analysing battery data. Alelion’s acquisition enables faster development of battery data analysis as the Company now has control of the entire data flow, from cell test data to battery data in the field.

Battery life is a key issue for Alelion’s customers. Access to the analysis tool will contribute to Alelion’s ability to further develop products and services within its own battery development and for other battery users and customers. The acquisition is a further development of Alelion’s technology development, exemplified earlier in the year by focusing on patents in Energy Management and development projects in AI-based data analysis. 

“With the help of a cloud-based platform for data analysis, we can structure our data collection across the entire chain from cell testing in the lab to batteries in operation at our customers’ sites. We will be able to optimise the lifetime of, e.g., a vehicle fleet with batteries, but also individual batteries by adapting the software (BMS) that controls the battery based on data analysis. Moreover, we see great potential for service development linked to this cloud service,” says Henrik Svala, CTO at Alelion.

For more information, please contact:

Åsa Nordström, CEO, Alelion Energy Systems AB
+46 702-90 18 58

Henrik Svala, CTO, Alelion Energy Systems AB
+46 702-07 81 79