Investor Relations



Alf Blomqvist

Shares: 41,736,699 via Blomqvist Listed Sustainability AB
Board member since May 2021. Chairman of the board since May 2021.
Education at Stockholm School of Economics.
Other assignments include Funding Partner & CEO in Blomqvist Unlimited AB. Chairman at Scandinavian Enviro Systems. Chairman and chairman of the audit committee of B3 Consulting Group AB. Member of the marketing council in the Alternativa Sweden stock market.
Independent in relation to the company and company management but not in relation to major shareholders as representative of Blomqvist Listed Sustainability AB.

Board Member

Håkan Sandberg

Shares: 3,831,588 via Sammaj AB (Partner).
Board member since October 2010.
Technical college engineer with a focus on electronics.

Håkan Sandberg is the founder of Alelion and has an extensive entrepreneurial background. Håkan has been CEO and partner in Autoadapt since 1998 and has received many awards for creativity in custom solutions and entrepreneurial spirit. Between 1993 and 1998, Håkan founded and operated three companies: Three West AB, InduSys AB and Industrial Communication A/S. Prior to that, he held positions such as Aftermarket Manager at Pullmax AB and as an electrical engineer in various international projects for ABB.

Independent in relation to the company and its major shareholders.

Board Member

Anders Björnberg

Shares: 0
Board member since May 2021.
Anders is a Master of Science in Engineering from Chalmers and holds an Executive MBA in International Project Management from Linköping University.

Anders Björnberg is the owner of AMCO AB, which helps foreign companies with business development and cooperation with the Swedish automotive industry.
Anders has extensive experience from leading positions in product development, e.g. as development manager for electricity and electronics within Volvo AB, Saab Automobil, and Volvo Cars. For the past 12 years, Anders has been active in electrification of vehicles within the Volvo Cars Hybrid Center, Qoros in Shanghai, Automobili Pininfarina in Munich and NEVS. While at Volvo Cars, Anders was also CEO of a JV between Vattenfall and Volvo Cars. During this time, Anders has acquired knowledge and understanding of the challenges in the li-ion battery field.

Independent in relation to the company and its major shareholders.

Board Member

Rune Nordlander

Shares: 0
Board member since April 2022
Rune Nordlander holds a Master of Science in Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and an Executive MBA from Uppsala University.
Rune Nordlander is a partner and founder of First Venture (formerly Första Entreprenörsfonden), where he has been investing in growth companies with strong entrepreneurial teams since 2006. Previously, as founder and CEO, he worked at the IT consulting company Endevo AB (which is currently part of Symbio) and was a subsidiary CEO and partner in the IT consulting company Frontec (which is currently part of CGI). Prior to that, he worked on research & development at ABB.
Other current assignments: Chairman of the Board of Virtual eTraining Software Stockholm, Speedment AB, Neodev AB and Zigrid AB. Board member of Första Entreprenörsfonden i Norden AB, Sprint Bioscience AB, CombiQ AB, and HumanCap Nordic AB.
Independent in relation to the company and its major shareholders.


Johan Palmgren

Öhrlings PricewaterhouseCoopers AB
Certified Public Accountant. Chief auditor since June 2013.