The next generation of electrified cranes


A premium product for wider use

Hiab wanted to create a premium solution with lower weight, longer up-time and the same performance as a diesel-powered crane.

The crane, which is completely silent, can be used both indoors and in sensitive urban environments, at all times of the day, and the operator gets a more comfortable and safe working environment.

In addition, the fuel cost is saved – and the emissions of climate-damaging carbon dioxide emissions are zero.


High productivity at lower cost

The solution, which was developed in close collaboration between Hiab and Alelion, consists of a battery, an electric motor, a hydraulic pump and a smart control system, all mounted on the truck’s chassis.

The battery solution has greater energy content, longer uptime and lower weight than the first generation ePTO.

The challenge was to design a solution for a set hod which required some adjustments to make the battery easy to build and service.


Energy-efficient and quiet solution

Compared to diesel alternatives, energy costs are reduced by up to 90 percent with the ePTO 44.

Energy efficiency is higher because the battery only supplies the energy required to move the crane. No energy is lost when idling. The field tests showed that the battery lasts three to four days in normal use before needing to be recharged.

The electric crane also offers something that cannot be obtained with diesel operation: silence. The driver thus gets a safer and more comfortable working environment and the opportunity to work in sensitive environments.

“Alelion accelerates our electrification journey with its professional and service-oriented team. We are on the front line together and the journey continues.”



Powered by an Alelion battery solution


The solution for Hiab:
96 V, 44 kWh

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