Electrifying Kalmar’s flagship truck in record time


A whole shift on one charge

Kalmar’s new series of electric trucks with a lifting capacity of 9-18 tonnes has all the efficiency and performance required for the task. 

A fully charged battery equals eight hours of operating time and the battery is charged from empty to full in less than two hours. In addition, the electrified truck offers a superior working environment without exhaust fumes, noise and vibration. Drivers describe it as a completely different world.


Open climate between development teams

Together we shortened the normal development time by 10-15 weeks and were able to deliver an optimized battery before schedule.

The companies’ steering groups have prioritized the project and progress has been made in effective weekly meetings between the companies’ development teams, with all important competencies present.

The schedule was compressed thanks to parallel activities such as early material purchases to shorten lead times, simultaneous prototype tests and an early involvement of the production team.


Sustainable and efficient material handling

Thanks to reduced costs for fuel, maintenance and spare parts, the higher price of an electric forklift truck compared to a diesel-powered pays off within two to three years.

The first forklifts with Alelion’s lithium-ion batteries were delivered from Kalmar’s factory in the summer of 2022 to customers in Sweden, Norway and Uruguay.

Further deliveries go to Austria and Germany, among others, where many customers request sustainable, time- and cost-effective solutions for their material handling.


“We had an incredibly challenging schedule, but Alelion delivered what we wanted on time, thanks to close collaboration and great openness between our development teams.”


– kent hyltåker, chief project manager, kalmar

Powered by an Alelion battery solution


120 V


The solution for Kalmar: A modular system with three or four Ozelot 120 V lithium-ion batteries.

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