Alelion reflects the diversity of our customers and employees.

With trust and clarity, we create loyalty and curiosity enabling you to find new paths to sustainable change. We give you the power to make a difference.

Our Principles

The Alelion work culture, in a nutshell.

Expertise & Passion 

Alelion strives to create a culture and an atmosphere where both the expertise and the passion that you contribute are valued and put to use. To achieve this, it is our responsibility as an employer to provide a clear and trusting framework within to act, ambitious but inspiring goals to aim for, and an environment where you feel safe and at ease to be guided by your curiosity. So that you are given the power to make a difference.

As an employee, you have a responsibility as well. Based on your knowledge, expertise and role at Alelion, we ask you to maintain proactive attitude and a willingness to bring your best to the team. To raise the bar – both for us, as an employer, and for you, as the employee – we have condensed the above policy into three guiding principles or values: Challenge, Guide, Enable.


We want you to challenge the way we do things and to explore new paths, with the ambition to make us better – and to provide more value to our customers.


We want you to guide both us and our customers as we all strive forward towards sustainable change – so that we improve from your experience.


We want you to act as an enabler for the team at all times – so that with each contribution, our customers come closer to having the right solution in their hands.

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