Jan Forsberg


Shares: 361,001 via Trouble Management AB
Chairman since June 2013

Jan Forsberg has 30 years of experience in leadership positions within the engineering industry (logistics and production), the aerospace industry (key focus on development of service delivery and streamlining a highly complex business and organisation) and the railway industry (transitioning a 150-year old monopoly company from being on the brink of bankruptcy to becoming a profitable service company).

In addition, Jan has experience in the de-monopolisation of the pharmacy market, including the divestment of part of Apoteket’s operations to international investors, and the establishment of a functioning market for prescription drugs as well as for prescription-free products. Jan has a Master of Science from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH).

Tommy Nilsson


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Board member since December 2017

Tommy Nilsson has many years of experience in leading positions in both the IT and the venture capital industries. He has been Head of Technology at Industrifonden, and has held senior positions such as Logistics Manager within the Ericsson Group, CEO of the Enator Group, CEO Concis Consulting AB and CEO Askus AB. He holds an economics degree from Frans Schartau, Stockholm, and has studied at Stockholm University.

He also holds board positions in SaltX Technology Holding AB, SwedNanoTech AB, C Ventures AB, Conestra Management AB and ELTO Holding AB. The board member is independent in relation to the company and company management but not in relation to major shareholders as he performs consultancy assignments for Fouriertransform AB.

Per Grunewald


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Board member since September 2007

Per Grunewald is a founding partner and investment manager of Pegroco Invest (publ). Per has an extensive industrial background with 16 years in the Electrolux Group, most recently in the role of Group Senior VP. Thereafter CEO of e2Home and Senior IM at Bure Equity. Per has founded a number of companies over the years, including Spine Robotics. He received the Mannerfelt Prize in 2003 for pioneering the integration of environment into business cooperation.

Per has been a member of IVA since 2011. He has a Master of Science from Chalmers University of Technology. The board member is independent in relation to the company and company management but not in relation to major shareholders as a representative of Pegroco Holding AB.

Håkan Sandberg


Shares: 3,831,588 via Sammaj AB (Partner)
Board member since October 2010

Håkan Sandberg is the founder of Alelion and has an extensive entrepreneurial background. Håkan has been CEO and partner in Autoadapt since 1998 and has received many awards for creativity in custom solutions and entrepreneurial spirit. Between 1993 and 1998, Håkan founded and operated three companies: Three West AB, InduSys AB and Industrial Communication A/S. Prior to that, he held positions such as Aftermarket Manager at Pullmax AB and as an electrical engineer in various international projects for ABB.

His first job after high school was at Papyrus AB as an electrical engineer, which he left in 1982 to join ABB. Håkan is a technical college engineer with a focus on electronics. The board member is independent in relation to the company and company management but not in relation to major shareholders as representative of Sammaj AB.

Lennart Sparud


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Board member since May 2019

Lennart Sparud is CFO of Hexatronic Group AB (publ). Lennart was the head of Hexatronic Group’s move from First North to Nasdaq Stockholm. In addition, Lennart has 15 years of experience as CFO in various industries from companies such as Salinity Group AB and Vagabond International AB, etc.

In addition, Lennart has experience from PwC in the role of management consultant and auditor. Lennart is a Master of Business Administration and a Lawyer from the University of Gothenburg. The member is to be regarded as independent in relation to both company management, the company and major shareholders.

Johan Palmgren

Öhrlings PricewaterhouseCoopers AB

Certified Public Accountant since June 2013 (Chief Auditor)