May 2, 2023

New service manager with total oversight


She knows every screw in every battery, every troubleshooting process and knows every customer. This is Alelion’s new service manager Helejna Larsson.


Our customers know Helejna as manager of the Alelion Academy, where she offers training for service technicians and other specialists who want to benefit from Alelion’s knowledge of lithium-ion batteries built up over the years.


During the training, they get to know their Alelion battery inside and out in order to be able to troubleshoot, repair and maintain the battery efficiently and above all safely.


– We have trained technicians from more than 60 countries so that they can now handle both troubleshooting and repairs on their own. The purpose of the training is to maximize the battery’s uptime in the customer’s business, what we call first life extension, says Helejna.


Via the support phone, Helejna now meets technicians she trained years ago. She remembers them all, and they remember her. When they understand that she has become a service manager, they say: Perfect!


Worldwide service

The service department is always ready to support if needed, both remotely and at the customer’s premises. The service team includes service engineer Flavien Driard – “a troubleshooting guru, our own McGyver” – and service engineer Waseem Chahine – “so incredibly service-minded and thorough”.


– Our goal is, of course, for the battery to function flawlessly throughout its lifetime, but should something happen that requires our intervention, we can connect to the battery and guide the customer, regardless of whether the battery is around the corner or in Australia.


The team works continuously to develop and refine the processes to get the most out of the combination of training and service – a unique value for Alelion’s customers.


– When we listen to the customers, we can pick up needs that help us improve our training courses even further. The circle is closed in a good way, smiles Helejna.


Academy’s offer is growing

The offer in Alelion Academy has recently been expanded. Helejna now also trains the customers’ service and support organizations. This makes the customers even more secure and independent, while at the same time strengthening the cooperation between the customer and Alelion.


In addition, Alelion certifies the customers’ workshops so that they can convert to li-ion battery repairs.


Helejna Larsson is also internally responsible for building prototypes in collaboration with the R&D team. Prototype and concept batteries are important in the development of Alelion’s products and for the customer to have the opportunity to test and approve the product early in the process.


Energetic like few others

Those who know Helejna know that she succeeds in what she undertakes. With eight Ironmans to her credit, this summer she runs her ninth challenge, where she will swim almost four kilometers, cycle 18 kilometers and run a marathon in the same day.


– Exercising gives me energy and inspiration, it’s part of my everyday life, says Helejna.