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Business model, sales, service, mechanics and safety – empower your team for fast and secure customer support. Training can be arranged either at your workshop or in our training facility in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Countries with Alelion trained technicians


Certified Level 2
service technicians


Certified Level 3


Alelion Academy

Battery management training

Level 1 – Field technicians

Certified to troubleshoot and perform external repairs of Alelion Li-ion batteries.


Level 2 – Service technicians

Certified to troubleshoot and perform internal repairs of Alelion Li-ion batteries.


Level 3 – Trainers and service engineers

Certified to be a trainer for Levels 1 and 2.

Alelion White Papers




1.Understanding battery lifetime factors through accumulated data

Life expectancy is central when estimating the total cost of transition to lithium-ion batteries. A more accurate answer can be found when weighing in use patterns and optimization.


Alelion White Paper | December 2022

2. Understanding how to choose the right battery cell chemistry

Selecting the best battery cell chemistry for a particular application begins with a good understanding of both end user requirements and cell chemistries.


Alelion White Paper | February 2023

3. Circular economy – Understanding the big picture

A circular economy is an economic model that aims to keep resources in use for as long as possible, extracting the maximum value from them before they are recycled to close the loop.


Alelion White Paper | March 2023

4. Battery Recycling
– Sustaining the now;
powering the future

Recycling is essential to address the quickly growing demand for cells to meet the need for electrification. With a forward-thinking approach, we are paving the way for more efficient recycling.


Alelion White Paper | July 2023

5. A longer first life – Key to lowering cost and total emissions

Integrating data analysis from cell chemistry to fleet level – driving, charging and temperature – provides valuable insights.


Alelion White Paper I September 2023

Alelion Academy

Certify your workshop

Alelion provides an authorization for workshops, to help our customers to work safely with Alelion Li-Ion batteries. Once your workshop is certified, you may also inspect, improve and certify other workshops.


Train your sales force

Challenge your customers to take climate action! We help you create an attractive business case by providing product training and sales tools, as well as our best arguments for the transition to electrification.





Alelion Knowledge Arena

Know-how close at hand

Alelion Knowledge Arena is a web-based training platform, where you find instant knowledge when you need it. Our troubleshooting guide shows how to identify your battery problem and how to replace spare parts in a safe and structured manner.

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