We are ready for your transition.

We know how to electrify your products. Today!

When you are looking for a comprehensive lithium-ion solution for any application, we give you the power to change.
With over 5000 applications already in the market we both have the knowledge to develop or trade you a ready to use system.
We do that by providing a modern, customized and reliable power solution, complete with our own Battery Management System – but we also do it in a wider sense; Alelion aims to be the driving force throughout your process.
We do prestudy, we design, we do the certification process, optimize and assemble your system, we scale up to serial production. And we are there for you every step of the way – enabling your transition to sustainable energy.

Over 5000 High-Performance Lithium-Ion Battery Systems

Made in Sweden

Started in 2006

Headquarter, R&D
and production in

Alelion has
certified systems
for 90 countries.
We are represented in over 60 countries.

Alelion Academy

  • Global structure
  • Service training
  • Mech training
  • Tools and safety
  • Sales training
  • Battery safety training
  • Workshop safety

Alelion Powerhouse

We are a total provider with our own:

  • Modular systems, 48-700 Volt
  • Ready to use, or development projects
  • From prototype to serial production
  • Certifications
  • Purchasing
  • Presales team, sales, project managers
  • Training and service academy

Lithium-Ion batteries from 48-700V


We are building modular
battery systems for OEM in
special vehicle segment
all around the world

Focus segment. Alelion enable a less environmental impact !

Material handling –logistics trucks
reachstackers, tractors,
coldstore transports

Construction, Mining, Agriculture
vehicles. All dieseldriven machines,
Cranes, EPTO sulotion

Airport logistic vehicles
Ground support Vehicles

Port material handling vehicles

Modular battery systems, our product range in the market

Alelion Academy

Business model, sales training, service, mech training, tools & worksop safety.

You are always welcome to contact us for more information about our training programs and courses.
We can arrange training for you either at your workshop or in our training facility in Gothenburg, Sweden

From cell modules to integrated solutions

Alelion has solid in-house expertise in all aspects of the electrification process, from cell chemistry to integration, training and service. This allows us to go beyond the role as a provider and act as a long-term power partner in your transition – giving you the power to succeed.

Alelion will help you conduct an assessment of your needs before designing a turnkey energy storage system tailored to your requirements and integrated into your environment. We source battery cells and build them into cell modules and battery packages designed with the right capacity, performance and physical properties for your specific application.

1. Finding the right cells

•  We aquire cells from subcontractors to construct your customized system.

•  Our latest product generation is cell-independent; it can be adapted to a wide range of available battery cells to meet your needs.

2. Producing the batteries

We design your system in-house according to your requirements.

Production is carried out with high efficiency at our own automated manufacturing facility in Torslanda, Gothenburg.

3. Assembling your system

•  Alelion’s integrated Battery Management System (BMS) is a hardware and software solution that monitors and manages the battery package.

•  The systems fulfill relevant standards and certifications.

4. Integrating with your application

•  The system is integrated in your vehicle.

•  The BMS ensures safe operation and communicates with the vehicle where it is installed.

•  Alelion provides service and education, giving you the power to make the most of the system.

The advantages of lithium-ion technology

Smarter & more configurable

Alelion’s lithium-ion batteries give you more control. By communicating with the truck and the charger, the battery alerts when it needs charging – thus making it easier for you to plan and utilize working hours.

Lithium-ion batteries suffer low voltage drops; they perform at optimal level until they need charging, providing full power throughout the work shift.

Drives productivity

Productivity increases when things are done efficiently from the start. The properties of lithium-ion batteries promise to generate long-term cost savings, productivity gains and efficiencies for your business.

A wiser investment

Investing in lithium-ion batteries lays the foundation for better future performance and results.

Due to its longer life, lower energy costs and lower running operating costs, lithium-ion generates significant savings over the system’s life compared with alternative technologies, a higher initial investment cost notwithstanding.

Alelion can assist you with an investment calculation to demonstrate the business value of an investment in a lithium-ion system, all things considered. In most cases, the repayment period is less than 2-3 years.

A more sustainable choice

The urgency to replace fossil fuels with sustainable alternatives is widely acknowledged, and the energy-efficient lithium-ion technology stands out as the currently most promising path ahead as electrification is becoming established even in heavy-duty applications. It further improves noise levels and working conditions.

A lithium-ion battery has 80–85 per cent lower weight than a lead-acid battery, and requires considerably less raw material. It impacts the environment less while in use, has 2–4 times longer life, and is more recyclable when discarded. If a business with 10 trucks switches from lead-acid batteries to lithium-ion batteries, up to 25 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions can be saved.

That is the power to make a difference.

Improves safety

Workplaces with heavy lifts are particularly prone to accidents, and about 900 truck accidents occur every year only in Sweden. Many of these could be prevented. A transition to lithium-ion batteries lowers the risk of common accidents in workplaces where batteries and trucks are operated.

Extends the lifespan

Batteries made for tough environments and daily use help you optimize your energy usage. A lithium-ion battery from Alelion has a lifespan of 10-15 years, which lowers the energy consumption and reduces the environmental impact considerably.

Lithium-ion batteries in IRL

Meet Henrik Martinsson, Logistic Manager at the Swedish Exhibition & Congress Centre in Gothenburg. He has a long experience of lithium-ion batteries from Alelion. Henrik will tell you more about it in the video.